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Funny Things I Heard at the Bus Stop, Volume 2 ...
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Are you ready to get swept away into a world of fantastic adventure and new discoveries? The Funny Things I Heard at the Bus Stop series of short stories for kids is the perfect book for bedtime listening, a quick after-school adventure, or any time that you want to get taken to a magical, funtabulous, amazing world of imagination that is perfect for kids aged three to one hundred and three. The five stories in this volume continue the adventure of the neighborhood kids and their wacky tales they tell on their way to the bus stop each morning before school. Volume 2 has a crazy story about seven year old Clayton who is determined to pull his tooth out earlier than it needs to come out. See what kind of trouble he gets in with the Sweet Tooth Fairy for trying to beat the system! Also find stories of friendly aliens, an ant on a mission to retrieve a jelly bean, a poem about "worms", and a charming story about a magical blanket. So sit back, snuggle up, and enjoy! 1. Language: English. Narrator: Eric Nutting. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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