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Narration based on the coloring book, which includes 80 doodles themed around all the things we love: space, magic, and medieval times. Narration includes: Ancient Temple, Asteroid Crash, Avalanche, Bandits, Barbarian Armor, Barbarian Army, Battered Shield, Battering Ram Orcs, Bear Dragon, Blade Rain, Caverns, Cloning Vats, Cobra, Crushing Roof, Flint Dagger, Flowing Ice Chunks, Force Field Shield, Forest Clearing, Gauntlet, Ghost Amulet, Ghost Awakening, Ghost Rising, Ghost Sentry, Giant Ants, Giant Eye, Giant Sloth, Giant Spider, Hedge Maze, Ice Dagger, Ice Spear, Lil Goblin Squire, Magic Eye, Mangled Wolf, Mind Zap, Mobile Shop, Morph, Mountains, Necromancer's Keep, One Tusk Mammoth, Orc Bracers, Orc Thugs, Outer Space, Plasma Sword, Portal Monster, Power Crystal, Rat Coat, Rations, River thru the Forest, Robot Parts, Rope Bridge, Rune Sword, Satellite, Shadow Magic, Sharpened Stick, Ship Leeches, Siege, Skeleton Army, Skull Door, Skull Flamethrowerbot, Skull Key, Sludge Pit, Smoke Dragon Head, Snowstorm, Space Boots, Space Worms, Spirit Summoning, Star Converter, Star Medallion, Stone Golem, Storm Cloud, Suit of Armor, Torture Droid, Torture Room, Tree House, Tree Sage, Vine Monster, Wheeled Cyborg, Wolf Boots, Wolf Pelt Armor, Wood Club. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Aaron W. Rockwell. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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